Electric Coffee Percolator

Electric Coffee Percolators

The signal light indicates the infusion more precisely and gives a more consistent cup of coffee.

Stovetop Coffee Percolator

Stovetop Coffee Percolator

Need to be continously watched carefully because they can over boll, wich tends to release bitterness in the coffee.

Microwave Coffee Percolator

Microwave Coffee Percolator

This is an effective way to make coffee in as it uses 42% less electricity than the coffee makers of similar size.

Coffee Percolator Styles

Types of Coffee Percolator

Pressure Type
Coffee Percolator

Works by forcing the boiling water under pressure through the grounds into a separate chamber. This perker is comprised of three sections:

  • The lower section where water is placed.
  • The mid section where raw coffee grounds are put.
  • The upper section where the resultant coffee is colleted.
  • The resultant coffee can be very strong.

Gravity Type
Coffee Precolator

This maker constantly cycles the boiling brew through the brounds using gravity until the required strenght is reached. Is it comprised of three components:

  • A small chamber at the bottom filled is with water.
  • A vertical tube leading from the bottom chamber to the top of the pot.
  • A perforated chamber at the end of the tube filled with coarse ground coffee.
  • If the brewed coffee is left on high heat for too long, il will acquire a bitter taste.

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